Scheduling Training Seminars 

Training Classes can be of variable length, 1 to 4 days, depending on how rapidly your company wants to move forward with implementation. 

Program for Day 1

bulletOverview of Basic User Interface.
bulletFeatures and Benefits Slideshow and discussions.
bulletAttendees recite the scheduling issues they want to solve.
bulletA slideshow of modeling concepts provides an overview of the features.
bulletThe most relevant features that relate to attendees' felt-needs for scheduling are discussed. 
bulletAn overview of selected JobTime features is illustrated in related case studies. 
bulletAttendees fill out structured data forms for routings.
bulletThe manual data forms allow attendees practice routing design to include relevant scheduling features.  
bulletAlternative scheduling rules are discussed and demonstrated.  

Training Sessions are variable, but a minimum of 2 days is required for those who purchase JobTime to have a validated JobTime Warranty. You will be advised of the minimum number of days required in order for your company to be qualified for the JobTime Warranty.  Your training/implementation needed will depend on: (1) which JobTime® 5 Level you have selected, (2) whether you want a Custom Import, and (3) the scheduling complexities of your company's manufacturing.

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Finite Scheduling Training Day 2 - Introduction to Modeling

bulletDefine the Calendars in your own shop
bulletDefine the Work Centers in your shop
bulletDefine a routing & copy/customize new Routings.
bulletAdd actual work orders, copying from your routings.
bulletPost updates to operations already finished, or partially complete.
bulletExercises running schedules
bulletGraphic Outputs: Schedule Board, Queue Graphs, Work Order Gantt

Attendees will use computers for hand-on training, and must have a basic understanding of Microsoft Windows and suitable computer skills.

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Finite Scheduling Day 3 - Standard & Custom Reports  

bulletReview Status Reports
bulletReview Management Reports
bulletReview Technical Reports
bulletAnswering Questions from Reports
bulletConfiguring Reports / Headings and Captions

Attendees will see the user of Report Editor tools and how to modify JobTime's configuration file.

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JobTime FCS Training - Rules and Advanced Modeling : Day 4

bulletCloser Review of all standard Scheduling Rules
bulletHow JobTime's Data Import Tools can Work for You
bulletCreating setup-matching rules in JobTime
bulletCustomizing the JobTime Import database
bulletAdding data to your JobTime implementation.
bulletPractice running reports, using the Schedule Board, and interpretation of all graphic tools.

Attendees are expected to have a general understanding of database, and how to maintain data in normal computer screens. 

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