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--"excellence in precision scheduling" 

This section of our web site will introduce you to the strength of our technology: 

Products.  JobTimeŽ 5 has five product levels. 

Success.  Check out a list of a few of our successful clients.  We have also solved specific issues with consulting service clients.

Features.  JobTime offers a powerful scheduling features in each product level. 

Reports A rich variety of reports based on Crystal Reports allows unlimited flexibility in displaying dispatch lists, capacity requirements, and material use.

Benefits.   Learn the compelling benefits that flow to manufacturing companies from precision scheduling.  

Capacity Modeling

JobTimeŽ 5  sees not only work centers with their respective  work stations, but it can also model, separately, a system of resources and resource-groups.  Resources can be defined in hierarchies and groups of resources.  Resources can be tools, floor space, operators, inspectors.  Groups can either be collections of a single resource, or even a mix of resources. In addition to a work center, a given "crew" of resources can be specified and referenced as the "crew" to use in one or more routing operation steps.  Calendars can be assigned at any level: work center, work station, resource group, or resource.  

Database Benefits

JobTimeŽ 5  uses Microsoft SQL Server Database, which improves finite scheduling in three important ways:

bulletScalability of the SQL-Server database.  Did you know that JobTimeŽ 5  lets you schedule from a training session on a standalone laptop?  As the scheduling model,  interest and database grows, you can move the application to a desktop.  Next,  you can allow up to four co-workers to also access the database on your desktop.  When you are ready for prime time, simply move the database to any SQL Server compliant server.   SQL Server running on a server is not included with the JobTimeŽ 5 License, the free SQL Server Express for the Microsoft's current release of SQL Server system can be installed.   
bulletAs your business grows, you will be able to accept growing traffic from customers and vendors, as you grow your supply-chain system.   JobTimeŽ 5  will be right there to deliver  your data needs across the world's largest server systems, due to the flexibility of SQL Server.   
bulletReliability of the SQL Server environment.   Consider easier backup automation,  transaction-rollback technology, robust user authentication,  SQL trigger efficiency and consistency, and you will see how JobTimeŽ 5  keeps you working safely. 
bulletMainstream Positioning.  You can rely on on-going Microsoft support and improvement of the SQL Server Technology.  This is made evident by Microsoft's support for SQL Server in it's own Dynamics ERP systems, and in many other Microsoft applications. You can be confident in finding qualified Microsoft SQL Server qualified database administrators and technical developers, both now and in the future. 

Technology Features

JobTimeŽ 5 modernizes the database architecture of the system.  Our thin-client concepts let your system scale from small to large, and grow as your  business grows.  In short, JobTimeŽ 5  is the finite scheduling system that you won't outgrow.  And it offers streamlined integration with relational databases, most readily with Microsoft SQL Server but also with Oracle.



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