Special Services

JobTime Systems provides a number of services related to scheduling, both pre-sale and post sale.  The following topics are examples of our most beneficial services.

bulletJobLink-SQL (automatic SQL based import to JobTime® 5)
bulletJobLink-Excel (automatic Excel link into JobTime® 5)
bulletCompany Audit of Scheduling Requirements & Potential Benefits
bulletPost-Implementation Audit to Evaluate Schedule Conformance 
bulletPost-Implementation Benefits Analysis and Projection
bulletJobTrack  (optional shop-floor tracking add-in to JobTime® 5) 
bulletJobPlan (synchronized forecasting & materials) 

Advanced scheduling related special services are defined as follows:

JobLink-SQL (seamless SQL interface to your host ERP) 

JobLink-SQL helps you to import your ERP's open shop orders dynamically into JobTime.  JobLink-SQL is a companion database, which includes tables where you can deposit data that you transfer from your host MRP/ERP, Shop Floor System or Order Entry System.  Your data can be transferred freely into the import tables of the JobLink-SQL custom import database.   The JobLink-SQL method of importing data is more robust and stable than the Excel environment of our JobLink-Excel import, and due to its higher quality, it accordingly requires a larger budget to design, implement and maintain.  For more information, click here for JobLink-SQL Details.  Each JobLink-SQL import is tailored to client needs, and can even include exports back into the ERP, if the ERP allows 3rd party tools to accept externally created schedules. In addition, any scheduling logic unique to the client's needs can normally be satisfied thru client-specific coding added to the SQL import.  This includes defining client-specific schedule-rules work center by work-center. For this reason the JobLink-SQL is generally our most valuable service added to the JobTime5 software itself.

JobLink-Excel (automatic import of data from JobTime's Excel Import Work-Book)

A smaller number of our clients want to achieve efficiency of moving data into JobTime5, but have not yet implemented any ERP or other computer-based order-system which can deliver the required information using our JobLink-SQL technology.   In these cases, and others where a client has purchased a pre-sale detailed client-specific scheduling demonstration with live client data, we use an in-house utility which we call 'JobLink-Excel'.  This tool reads data out of the worksheets of an Excel workbook, which is structured to parallel the data-tables in JobTime5.  In the case of a study project, the client delivers data dumped out of their host system in a variety of spreadsheets, and JobTime then cuts & pastes this information automatically into JobTime5 SQL Server database.  This tool is only suggested for pre-sale testing studies of in-house client data in JobTime5, and not for the client's go-live usage of JobTime5.  

Company Audit of Scheduling Requirements & Calibrating Potential Benefits
If you are just starting to think about better shop scheduling in your company, and you need a basic orientation to the market place, then this service package is ideal for your needs.  We visit your site, walk your shop floor, and begin to analyze your flow and needs.  For over 28 years, we have accumulated literally hundreds of man-years of expertise, focused specifically on the topic of shop scheduling issues and conditions.  We point out benefits tied to improved scheduling from our vast array of experience, as we recognize these opportunities in your own company.  This is a true consulting service and not a sales pitch.  Our final report gives you a solid list of suggestions and guidelines of features that you need, and the reasons why.  This information is relevant regardless of which scheduling product on the market you ultimately adopt. Our recommendation might even be that you need to first take certain steps to create and improve data systems, or more fully implement your current ERP or Kanban system, before attempting to add finite scheduling.  Many companies are not ready for advanced scheduling, until they first get their data cleaned, accurate and consistent.  Our Scheduling Audit makes spot checks, and will give you an accurate prediction of what to expect and plan for in terms of realistic implementation effort required by your own shop staff, regardless of which system you buy.  You will receive valuable information that will educate you as to how automated finite-based scheduling add benefits you likely have not yet anticipated.  Advanced Scheduling benefits typically  go significantly above and beyond other manufacturing improvement projects, such as Lean and Six-Sigma, which do add substantial benefits in their own right.   A proposed schedule-model, recognizing constraints, setup matches, alternate routes, cell-design are all suggested as scheduling features which might be needed at your company.  This Audit information can then be used throughout your subsequent process of selecting, evaluating and screening alternative scheduling solutions on the market.  This service is a general education,  and it will be beneficial regardless of whichever scheduling product you later decide to acquire.
JobTrack  (optional data capture add-in to JobTime® 5) 
Shop floor control and execution management.   Schedules are displayed at shop-floor computer terminals to assure execution consistent with the schedule.   Transactions reflect current operation status, which automatically post against the JobTime "to-go" schedule.  This optional add-in is typically customized to user needs.  This service uses a basic platform we have developed, which can greatly help you keep your operation status up to date, at a reasonable expense.  It is based on a network of PC computers, which can optionally be equipped with wedge bar code readers to streamline the entry work-order numbers or part-numbers.
JobPlan (optional customized Master Scheduler with Forecasting for Make-to-Stock)
This is an add-in to JobTime to give you powerful forecasting for Make-to-Stock product lines, and synchronize Master scheduling and material planning. JobPlan is not intended to replace an existing  MRP/ERP system.  JobPlan adds a powerful and dynamically adapting-optimally weighted exponential smoothing forecasting system which optimizes best fit parameters by every part or part family, based on an existing demand history.  JobPlan also supports manual forecasts and overrides to forecast, while it performs classic Master Scheduling, recognizing BOM structures up to 5 levels deep.  New Planned Orders can be automatically exported into JobTime5 and/or your ERP.  JobPlan is customized to individual client needs.

Post Implementation Audit to Evaluate Schedule Conformance

As you implement your schedule, one of the biggest issues, at least initially, will be in-house resistance to change.  JobTime's assistants can zero-on, on-site, and help you pinpoint where historical incentive and reward systems discourage following JobTime detailed to-do-list schedules, in order to preserve a departmental "information-silo" at the expense of the total company.  This audit service helps you find those work centers, and support greater overall conformance to the suggested schedule.  Buying a system, paying for integration and training classes will not produce results where departments resisting change have valid reasons previously overlooked by management. For example, resistance is often tied to in-house awareness of grossly inaccurate time-standards for setups and machine run-times.  At the opposite extreme,  schedule success can be hampered especially in cases where local people think they can now rely blindly on an automated schedules, and simply abandon their critical thinking faculties.  Your JobTime5 post-implementation team will encourage management to never stop thinking about ways to improve scheduling, by correcting input data, making report formats more usable and relevant to in-house operations, and building positive teamwork aimed at achieving organizational success for both the company and workers. Ultimately, advanced scheduling does improve shop-morale significantly, when rank and file operators start to recognize that they are being given a full and realistic 8-hour list of tasks to finish within and 8-hour shift. They see detailed to-do list schedules that are realistic and that make sense, because they recognize realistic shop constraints, and are sequenced in a logical way to support the company's goals, and best serve the customers of the company.

Post Implementation Benefits Analysis, Measurement and Projection
After your initial implementation of JobTime is complete, you will want to gauge the immediate new benefits enjoyed by your scheduling team. But benefits also derive to plant management, due to greatly improved visibility of the shop's available capacity.  The benefit is to show  bottlenecks, and peak overtime or outsourcing required to bring jobs in on-time.   One key factor is to 'right-size' order quantities, which improve flow and velocity and on-time delivery performance to clients, making you a Just-In-Time conforming vendors. JobTime's ability to implement and compare alternative scheduling "What If" scenarios, independent of your habits in your host ERP system, is an enormous management benefit.   When machine downtime is chronic, it typically shows that you are not following regular preventive maintenance jobs as recommended by your machine vendors.  Including maintenance into the schedule, to reserve time and to be certain it gets down, will increase your shop 'up-time', and plant output.  Middle management gains a huge benefit due to more precise snapshots of shop workload over time, and machine capacity utilization over time.  Customer Service benefits significantly by using the JobQuote feature, which tests a proposed customer delivery date, against all the capacity promises you have already made to all other clients.  This guides the shop to negotiate realistic due-dates, or to 'right-size' lot quantities, to assure greater all-around customer satisfaction with smaller deliveries more frequently, properly managed by a single scheduling system.   But measures and indicators of other schedule benefits include greater operator efficiency, and smooth staging of materials per operation, better synchronized to anticipated operation start-times.   Other productivity gains due to scheduling-based benefits may include setup-changeover efficiency, reduced downtime due to better scheduled machine maintenance, improved allocation of labor away from non-bottlenecks to bottleneck work centers, and many other factors. This follow-on auditing service, performed by our expert implementation staff, will be invaluable in helping you to put an comprehensive dollars and cents valuation on the total benefits you have gained, and will also later gain, from your investment in your JobTime Advanced Scheduling system.  The productivity gains and other benefits will help your management understand and justify the Advanced Scheduling system to company owners and stockholders.  We often see that our clients need improvements in data accuracy, setup reductions, and labor cross training.  This JobTime audit  will help you show the dollar paybacks to be achieved by carrying forward a plan of progressive improvements, which can be realistically projected, for example, over a horizon of the next three years.
CRM Enhancement: Facilitate Schedule Status Communication between Shop, Management, Clients & Vendors
JobTime's scheduling database can extend your scheduling visibility with your CRM participants.  This can include specialized report access, also organizes all email communications and file transfers which reflect the heart of your business. This includes specifications, plans, delivery dates and quotes to clients, as well as communications of specifications, clients, delivery dates and quotes to your vendors.

Please call to discuss any questions about our Advanced Scheduling Special Services, at 877-570-7900.

We advise all clients to verify the feasibility of their application, using both small and full scale data sets, prior to purchase, especially when using advanced modeling features.   JobTime provides on-line demonstrations, mini-studies and training classes to allow you to verify our software before you purchase the license. 

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