JobTime Systems has performed a variety of consulting services projects that involve detailed scheduling related to critical company issues and decisions at some of the nation's leading companies.  These cases illustrate the variety of problems and applications JobTime has been able to successfully model and solve.  Each example typically includes the following steps:  

bulletDefinition of a critical issue demanding a detailed scheduling component,
bulletAnalysis and resolution of the key business issues involved, and 
bulletThe continued use of the application often leads to detailed shop scheduling, for a number of years thereafter.   


Federal Express 

Scheduling detailed maintenance operations on aircraft engines to verify a policy on level-of-spares, designed to protect against unacceptable stock-outs, while also controlling the investment in costly spare aircraft engines.

Combustion Engineering

Demonstrate the ability to assure the on-time delivery of nuclear fuel replenishment  at client power plants.  Verification included drill-down of finite scheduling in units per day of each sub-assembly component involved in the fuel assembly.


Verification of proposed major changes in purchasing policy to synchronize material purchases of smaller and more frequent order quantities, more closely tied to the timing of the scheduled material demands in manufacturing.  

Schering-Plough Personal Care 

Sizing casual labor pools ("Diverted Labor") to assure steady and stable employment, and to reduce erratic peaking of labor demand.  Multiple resource constraints  reflected the variety and configuration of packaging labor types which varied with the product being packaged.  View Article (PDF Format).

Carte International

Establish the feasibility of Just-in-Time manufacturing for an Assemble-to-Order and Engineer-to-Order Environment manufacturing power transformers.   View Article (PDF Format). 

CD-ROM Facility

Accurately model CD-ROM extrusion, surfacing, printing and packaging, in a fast turnaround cycle times of 24 to 72 hours.  View capacity load, and predict daily shipments, and provide available to promise capability.  Add equipment to balance work loads.

Maquinados Programados

Flexible Machining Systems (FMS) present a difficult challenge for finite scheduling.  These flexible machines can alternate single parts from a variety of pending orders, in round-robin fashion.   Maquinados inventory of over 100 such systems makes it one of the largest such facilities in the world.  The challenge was to demonstrate the capability to accurately estimate each order's start and completion date in a complex FMS environment.

J. Ray McDermott

To fabricate the components of an oil drilling platform, a significant volume of repetitive steelwork is required. Demonstrate the ability to accept data from a major project management system, and finite schedule detailed steel shop operations, uploading both start and finish dates of each activity back into the project management system. 

Inductoheat makes induction heating machines  to harden parts mostly for the automotive industry.   View Article (PDF Format).  Each induction machine is configured to deliver induction hardening to the perimeter of conductive metal parts, typically for automotive applications. 

Laser Optics, Inc.

Laser Optics, Inc. polishes mirrors for special laser and optics applications, such as the Hubble Telescope.  By proportions, if a 5 meter diameter mirror were enlarged to a 20 wide disk, the maximum deviation from perfect flatness could be no larger than a football on its side.
Hill Parts manufactures spare parts for the poultry processing industry.  These parts include blades, and processes to automate the preparation of poultry products.   Customers include leading poultry processors across the world. 
Rayton Packaging makes plastic bags for grocery stores and food packaging applications.  This application requires careful setup management for graphics as well as production line setups. 



Coulter Forge & Steel creates custom rings, and other forged products. Key parts are forged rings which are used for magnetic applications to support  technologies like MRI machines and semiconductor fabrication.
Bosch Automation Products makes components for automated assembly lines, especially to support high-tech circuit fabrication and assembly. Parts are machines on multi-pallet Flexible Machine Systems to concurrently make parts for multiple client work orders in round-robin fashion, which created a challenges for scheduling, which has been solved by JobTime Systems.
Nova Chemicals Technical Research and Development Lab uses JobTime so schedule the fabrication and testing by over 250 plastics  specialists.  Materials are fabricated using client-specific resins, and each client's test materials are subjected to a battery of tests across multiple laboratories.

Cominco Metals Limited

Central Shops was one of the world's largest job shops, with over 500 employees, supporting the needs of a variety of Cominco's mining operations in the Canadian province of British Columbia.  Pending the acquisition of a major ERP system, the challenge was to demonstrate  the feasibility of detailed finite scheduling across all work centers in the entire Central Shops on a PC Platform. 

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