JobTime-5 Schedule Board

JobTime® 5  also provides a visual schedule board, to enable immediate execution schedule adjustments:

bulletManaging Execution: You can see work orders visually through the entire production cycle.  You can simultaneously see all competing orders on the same machines. Make minor "fine-tuning" adjustments such as switching the to-do operation sequence without having to fully re-schedule.
bulletPromising Delivery: visualize your machine loading to determine capacity available for "hot" or last-minute jobs.  JobTime® 5  knows your current capacity commitments, and will schedule into the available un-used hours of capacity, assuring that other orders are not disturbed.  You can manually  moving orders, and JobTime® 5  can show you where the following tasks will land.  This shows you the on-time impact of moving a given operation.
bulletWhat If Analysis: Shift your capacity (over-time or sub-contract) and see if late jobs will finish on-time. Impose a machine breakdown and see the impact. Re-schedule maintenance to pick up short-term capacity. See it now, not later.

bulletZoom In / Zoom Out to view the horizon at the detail you desire
bulletHighlight all operations of a given work order
bulletDisplay late orders in red
bulletDynamically re-schedule tasks you move, recognizing working calendar
bulletMove impacted tasks on the same machine accurately into the future
bulletDisplay full part or order number by moving the mouse next to a task
bulletDisplay the full operation detailed field dialog by double clicking a task
bulletLet you re-arrange machine-center rows and re-size width of the rows
bulletScroll the board horizontally or vertically using true Windows controls
bulletValidate moving a task to not violate stream or overlapping operations
bulletValidate moving a task to machines not permitted as alternates
bulletValidate moving a task to a date prior to the Work Order release date

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