JobTime® 5  uses Seagate Crystal Reports, the world's leader in report generation and deployment. The Seagate technology gives you basic reports, and allows your users to customize and build additional queries and reports as needed.  You can preview data, create custom queries, automatically schedule unattended reports across your network or intranet, using standard print output, HTML web pages, asp pages, or downloadable Adobe PDF files.  You can also easily interface any report writer which accepts data from Microsoft SQL Server.

Stronger scheduling and synchronized flexible reporting are right at the heart of stronger supply chain capability for your company.  By allowing your vendors secure access to your intranet to review your latest projected material needs from their company, JobTime® 5 helps you tie realistic materials usage projections to a realistic finite capacity production schedule.  Push the Supply Chain even farther by allowing your customers to review their orders, and even the current and projected stage of progress in the production process.  Avoid countless phone calls from customers asking "Where's my order today in your shop" by making their order status information available over the web. Password protection and encryption will protect and limit only approved customers and vendors to view your links into their overall supply chain. 

This increased power to help you build your corporate supply chain all starts from JobTime5's Advanced Planning & Scheduling capability, which delivers finite capacity of machines, labor, tools and materials. This means your shop capacity profile and production schedules are realistic and achievable, and your materials visibility is equally accurate and visible.  JobTime5's enriched and flexible reporting environment can take you one step closer to world-class supply-chain transparency by linking vendors and customers with realistic order and materials status inside your own organization.  JobTime5's stronger scheduling will strengthen your support of your vendor and client partners.  Don't hesitate to take the next step in enhancing your supply-chain by taking advantage of the benefits of JobTime5's Advanced Planning and Scheduling capabilities.

The following sample Production Schedule reports from a steel processor  were exported to Adobe PDF files and require Adobe Reader.  If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it from  They can also be exported to Excel worksheets or as HTML web-pages.

bulletWork Centers
bulletTo-Do List Detailed Schedules
bulletSchedule Scores Report
bulletWC Backlog Demand 
bulletOrders On-Time and Late
bulletWC Bottleneck Queue Hours
bulletCapacity Requirements
bulletCapacity Utilization Over Time  

Additional Scheduling Application areas now display selected reports which can be downloaded as Adobe PDF files, as follows:  

bulletPower Transformer Assembly Jobs (80K) 
bulletScheduling of Medical Equipment (252K) 
bulletPlastic Bag Extrusion, Printing, Converting (233K) 

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