JobTime®5 Level-4

At Level 4 the following scheduling capabilities are included:

Standard Features Optional Features Import Features
Many to One Assemblies One to Many Assemblies Import ERP BOM
Assembly Tree Structure Lot4Lot Buy Items Build Assembly Links
WO Gantt w/ Assembly Tree   Buy Item Links
  Preserve User Edits

Level-4 adds the feature of assembly-links between work orders, to insure that a from-to sequence is followed in processing the work-orders. JobTime5 will schedule the work orders to be fabricated and assembled in sequence as stipulated in a given finished good's BOM definition.  We call this order-linking style "many to one".  An optional feature is to represent shop orders which make a large batch of parts, and in turn, supply several additional dependent work orders which will consume those parts. We call the later order-linking style "one to many". Schedules recognize links between work-orders, and JobTime5 insures they are performed in sequence.  

Level-4 can be extremely useful to clients manufacturing machine-assemblies, as well as to clients who are seeking to coordinate far-flung sources of supply and demand in a global supply chain.

Highlights included in JobTime5's Level-4 Product include the following items:

bulletAssembly Constraints between Work Orders
bulletOne-to-Many Batch Lot/Supply Orders
bulletLot4Lot Buy Items

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