Infrastructure of JobTime5

The JobTime5 infrastructure includes the user interface, reports system, and schedule board. 

The user interface includes all entry/edit screens, graphic displays, scheduling controls, access to reports and options settings, and definition of schedule board options.

JobTime5 Infrastructure Features - Usable on all Product Levels

User Interface Features

bulletData management (Add, Change, Delete) of Primary Data Tables
bulletCopy Work Orders from other Orders or Routes
bulletCopy Routes from other Routes or Orders
bulletUpdate Hours/Units Complete, Over-ride Operation Hours To-Go
bulletMark Tasks Finished and Back-Flush Upstream Operations
bulletGrid Customization: Re-Order Columns, Select Columns to Display 
bulletSchedule Graphs : Backlog, Orders Early/Late, WC Queue Hrs, Resources/Shift
bulletScreen Graphics: Calendar Hours/Shift, Operations Process & Queued by Shift

Reports System

bulletStatus Reports: Calendars, Work Centers, Routings, Work Orders, Customers 
bulletManagement: WC Backlog, Orders Early/Late, Orders by Customer
bulletManagement: WIP To-Do Lists, What-If Comparisons, WC Queue Hours
bulletManagement: Recommended Overtime Per Work Center- Totals & Drill-Down
bulletTechnical: WC To-Do Lists, Capacity Requirements, Schedule Scores
bulletTechnical: WC Gantt Chart, WO Gantt Chart, Pct Utilization Over Time
bulletTechnical: Resource Queue Hours, Res. To-Do List, Res.-Group To-Do List        
bulletImport Database: Import Data Errors, User Defined / Customized Crystal Reports  

Scheduling Management

bulletScheduling Shortcuts: Schedule Statistics Comparison per Schedule
bulletScheduling Options: Schedule ID, Dispatch Rules, Launch Date
bulletScheduling Options: Data Consistency Check, Activate Schedule
bulletScheduling Options: Save Schedule History, Track Order Finish Dates Over Time
bulletData Gathering: Schedule Board Support, WC Detailed Queue Graph Support
bulletOptimization: No. of passes, Optimize Bottlenecks, Optimize Early/Late
bulletSetup Matching Cutoff Rules
bulletTrack Each Order's Schedule Consistency over Time

Schedule Board Features Detail

bulletFile Menu to select Schedule to Display
bulletSchedule Board Options: Find Order & Operation, Define Scaling, Labeling Options
bulletSchedule Board Options: Set Display Options, Colors, Patterns, Text on Bars
bulletSchedule Board Options: Define Work Centers to Display & Sequence of Display
bulletSchedule Board Options: Define Scaling, Major & Minor Tick Mark Spacing 


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