Production Scheduling Software   "From time wasted, there can be no salvage...", Henry Ford.

For 28 years, JobTime Systems, Inc. has  helped every user of our products gain the very best use of every minute of time for their planning and scheduling requirements.

Founded in 1983, JobTime Systems  pioneered scheduling in strong support of fundamental principles of Lean Six Sigma  to not waste any resource, and especially the resource of time.  (learn more)

Capacity Planning Software Every shop is concerned with capacity load across all departments. JobTime5 makes capacity load visible rapidly and responsively. Our interactive Schedule Board displays BOTH machines and resources, and drag & drop moves all labor & tooling resources when you move a given operation on a machine to a different time. Accurate finite capacity modeling is delivered and displayed by JobTime5's  screens, schedule board, and 30 graphs and reports.  And you can add unlimited custom reports and share them selectively across your corporate Intranet. (learn more)

Secondary Resource Constraints  Most manufacturers need their schedules to consider both machine capacity plus labor and other secondary constraints like tools, floor space, power or emissions. JobTime5  also supports preferred station constraints to limit machines on certain  parts. You can also define subsets of labor groups or tooling-groups to be used on selected jobs.  Accurate modeling of shop operations is the key to effective production scheduling. And it keeps your shop flexible as it changes and grows over time, and even when you alter styles of manufacturing. (learn more)



Assembly Constraints.  The Bill-of-Material product structure is an invaluable tool which shows how parts assemble to make a final finished product. JobTime5 assures that in-house assembly-items are never scheduled until all supporting buy and make items are ready and available. JobTime5  creates schedules that can be readily followed on the shop floor. The in-house assembly of internally fabricated items depends on logically scheduling supporting make components.  This feature provides timely scheduling of internal make items, to insure the smooth assembly of higher items. (learn more)


Setup Efficiency. Some shops need to schedule jobs to maximize setup changeover efficiency. JobTime5 gives you two options: exact setup matching, in which tasks in the same setup-state follow each other with zero setup time, or a setup-changeover time matrix, allowing precise definition of changeover time from each setup-state to any other.  JobTime5 automatically optimizes the sequence of operations to minimize the total time a given work center spends on setup changeovers, thereby maximizing the time work centers spend on active production.  (learn more)

Advanced Planning and Scheduling.  ERP vendors now seek to enhance classic master scheduling through Finite Capacity Scheduling Software but also adding multi-plant scheduling of  Supply Chain linkages.  Recognizing materials scheduling is key to accomplishing true 'Capacity-to-Promise (CTP)' capability. Now you can supercharge your materials scheduling as well as your supply chain.  JobTime5 helps materials planning and production scheduling work seamlessly together in a single framework to fully control capacity and materials. (learn more)


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