Setup Efficiency

Exact Setup Match Option

To enable JobTime5’s Exact Setup Match feature, you can simply check the “Minimize Setups” field on the work centers) you choose. The criterion for a setup match depends on the code which you can populate in the “Setup Code” field per operation step.  Typical values our clients place in the setup code field might be a color code, material code, shape code, part number, or a part-family code.  If the work center has the checkbox checked, and if you have populated the Setup Code field, then JobTime will scan the queue seeking an exact match against the last operation you performed, across any idle work stations (machines or work-desks) in the work center.  If JobTime finds an exact match, it will take credit for that setup-match, and allow the order to run with zero setup time. However, if a minimum setup field in the operation is also populated (e.g. 1 minute or 5 minutes), to allow for the absolute minimum changeover between work orders, then JobTime will use the minimum value as the setup time. 

Setup Matrix Option

To implement more sophisticated setup-changeover conditions, JobTime supports a more advanced feature called the “Setup Changeover Matrix”. This feature lets you define different changeover times between setup states.  Changeover times are frequently not symmetric; that is, the changeover time from Setup Code A to Setup Code B is not necessarily the same as from B to A.  The Setup Changeover Matrix lets you define more realistic situations in regard to setup efficiency conditions in your own shop.  The following graphic presents a picture of a painting application, comparing the case of not electing setup matching against the case of recognizing the setup matches.  

On the left, without setup matching, the work backlog will not finish until 5pm. The right with setup matching finishes the backlog by 2:30pm. Across the four tended machines, setup matching has reduced make-span from 9 hours to 6.5 hours, a setup efficiency improvement of nearly 40% due to using setup-matching in this example.  Notice how GREEN followed by RED has less setup than WHITE or BLUE followed by RED due to the setup matrix.


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