JobTime Systems takes pride in it's 28 years of success in working with over 285 clients, with mutually rewarding business relationships. 

Most of today's products require user approval, during the installation, to an end-user license agreement, which typically includes a warranty limited to replacement of media and manuals.  

JobTime, on the hand, offers its clients a stronger warranty.  JobTime's Warranty, in its official license agreement, guarantees the performance of the product as both documented and advertised. 

The reason behind our history of excellence relies on the following: 

bulletthe basic integrity of our products and operations, 
bulletour emphasis on the importance of client education prior to purchase, and
bulletour determination to "make it work" in regard to every problem reported.  

We follow a proven course, with progressive stages of client training and education, allowing the client to absorb information at a comfortable and individual pace.  This philosophy allows the client to build familiarity and confidence in the product gradually. Each step is based on proven performance along the way:   

bulletFirst we suggest you request  on-line web-demo, with one of our standard demonstration applications.  We often provide a follow up on-line demonstration to include other relevant decision makers in your company. 
bulletSecond, we invite you to sponsor a mini-study  by going through a checklist to help us teach you how to model your own shop accurately and rapidly in JobTime5.  We also use a reasonable batch of data from your own operations, sufficient for you to see your own production being scheduled in JobTime5. This answers many questions as to how the system can be used.
bulletThird, we suggest a 3-day training session, to give you live hands-on experience using the system, and allow you to fully exercise the system thereafter for a limited period of time.  The latter portion lets you define your "integration" specifications.
bulletFourth, where an ERP or other type of host system is involved, we suggest a full scale download.  Since our ERP linking interface is streamlined, this usually takes only a few days (not weeks or months) to see a full scale schedule being generated on demand. This can be followed by an evaluation period.
bulletFifth, when the system is fully functional within a reasonable time frame and level of support, a final commitment is requested.    

The pages in this section explain these steps of our client education program in additional detail. 

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