Company Background 

The primary focus of JobTime Systems, Inc. is  Production Scheduling, based on Advanced Finite Planning and Scheduling,  and Optimized Material Planning and Ordering.  

JobTime Systems, Inc. (JSI) has been the home, since August, 1983, of the world's first simulation-based, parallel-process production scheduling system.  JSI was also one of the earliest pioneers in the field of  Advanced Planning and Scheduling able to model both capacity and material constraints starting  from 1987.  

Our first shipment of a finite scheduling system, onTime, dates back to August, 1984.  Our first product was named onTime. 

Prior to starting JobTime Systems, Inc. the 15-year history of JSI's team of founders, in both university and industrial settings, involve several of the world's largest engineering/construction simulation applications, combined to form the basis for an effective manufacturing scheduling system on the inexpensive PC-platform:  

bulletDatabase driven modeling to represent the objects that supply and demand capacity.
bulletProprietary technology to allow scheduling of all resources concurrently, projecting future job-queues at work centers and inventory levels over time.
bulletUse client supplied data to base scheduling on setup, run-rates, move-times, BOM assembly links and material requirements at each stage of production.
bulletProcessing calculations from data retaining in memory for the fastest state-of-the-art scheduling speeds.

To the best of our knowledge, onTime was the first packaged discrete event production-scheduling product sold in the PC market place.   Due to the historic and amazing rate of improvement in the PC platform over the past 28 years,  our database orientation became a significant advantage.    

Later, onTime evolved into our JobTime product line, and was converted to a more  powerful programming platform to support extensible, C-like capabilities and C-like speed, automatically caching all data in memory.  This design choice allowed us to add visual Schedule Board and flexible reporting and  graphics features, as well as numerous constraints of Advanced Planning Scheduling, which had been requested by our clients during our first three years of promoting onTime.  

Initially our company name was Wyman Associates, Inc., but was changed to JobTime Systems, Inc. in 1987, commensurate with the release of our JobTime Plus LAN product.   

Over the years, JobTime a reputation for having a  powerful scheduling engine, with the ability to model complex manufacturing systems, and still provide fast scheduling speed on a PC platform.   JobTime fast scheduling with  the current generation of 2.0 Gigahertz CPU computers can schedule 30,000 operations per minute, exclusive of disk I/O time.    

We constantly improve our original scheduling-engine principles in current JobTime scheduling products.  Today, we use the latest development technologies, remaining compatible with relational database principles, including Microsoft's current SQL Server 2008 R2. We support our clients using older SQL versions still supported by Microsoft.  Our development has also been carefully engineered to allow us to integrate seamlessly with other large scale relational database systems including Oracle and DB2. 

Our traditional scheduling concepts make full use of object-oriented programming, normalized relational database, referential integrity validation, thin client, multi-tier architecture, and our proprietary scheduling algorithms also feature high-speed native integer math processing for optimal scheduling performance.     

JobTime also has been expanded to support virtually every currently popular production scheduling philosophy including Just in Time (JiT), Theory of Constraints (TOQ), Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR), Finite Forward/Backward (FFB), and Manual Drag and Drop (MADD).   

Since our founding, we have consistently advanced the state of the art in Production Scheduling Software by staying focused on "excellence in precision scheduling", which is our company motto. 

Our vision is to provide "best-of-breed" Advanced Planning and Production Scheduling products which satisfy the following needs: 


Production Scheduling that recognizes realistic run times and resource constraints.


Visibility, tracking and updating of orders on the shop floor.


Secondary Resource constraints including Labor, Tooling and Floor Space


Resource Groups feature for advanced modeling requirements:

Labor skill groups for subsets of people qualified to do specific operations


Tool usability groups for subsets of tools to use on specific operations


Floor space limited to specific  operations


Consumable Resource Feature

Model specific persons simultaneously tending 2 or more machines.


Limit effective efficiency per machine being simultaneously tended


Estimate more of the following items with greater accuracy: 

order completion dates


work backlog bottlenecks


work center queuing over time


resources in use over time 


when and where to adjust capacity to demand using overtime, weekends, outsourcing, and alternate resources   


Long term capacity planning for equipment additions.


Long term material planning to meet forecast demand.


What-If test-bed for simulation scenarios based on current live data.


By offering a variety of Advanced Planning and Production Scheduling Products, we have been able serve a variety of small to mid-range manufacturing clients ranging in size from $10 million to $500 million at a given plant.   We also have several Fortune 1000 clients among our customer base.

Our best customer match-up are clients who need: 

bulletgreater shop production scheduling control, 
bulletgreater insight into their shop's capacity constraints, 
bulletscheduling that delivers what it promises,
bulleta specialist "best of breed" third-party vendor,
bulletprefer an integrated solution, rather than a  piecemeal solution,  
bulletand want it to be FASTER, CHEAPER, and EASIER to install.     

If this sounds like you, please request our information today.

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JobTime Systems, Inc. can also be reached as follows:


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