We have implemented the JobTime Advanced Planning and Scheduling products in a broad variety of manufacturing and non-manufacturing applications.    

Our manufacturing experiences include, but are not limited to the following examples, listed in order by SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) Code.  

Please note which of these application areas is most closely related to your company.  You can select one of the following for your standard on-line demonstration. 

SIC Code Description
1711 Air Conditioning Contractors & Systems
2321 Shirt Manufacturing: Silk Screens   
2541 Office and Store Fixtures
2731 Book Publishers
2732 Book Printers
2834 Pharmaceutical Mfg & Packaging


Perfumes, Cosmetics, Toiletries
3081 Plastics Extrusion and Printing


Leather Tanning and Finishing
3231 Glass Products - Cut & Shape
3341 Scrap Film & Sheet Metal
3462 Steel Forging and Shaping
3469 Metal Forming-Binders
3492 Fluid Power Valves/Hoses Fittings
3556 Food Processing Machinery 
3567 Heat Recovery Equipment
3562 Ball & Roller Bearing
3565 Packaging Machinery
3585 Air Conditioning/Heating/Refrigeration Equipment
3593 Cylinders-Air & Hydraulic Manufacturing
3672 Electronics: Printed Circuit Boards
3674 Electronics: Semiconductor Fabrication
3714 Brake Manufacturing
3944 Toys: Plastic Injection Molding
5047 Surgery Equipment-Plastics 
5048 Contact Lenses-Manufacturing
5051 Steel Distribution & Handling
5084 Plastics Machinery
5199 Advertising Specialties: Buttons, etc.

In addition to manufacturing, JobTime has also been used in a variety of service applications  such as scheduling the training of airline pilots, sharing the use of expensive facilities such as call centers, operating rooms, teleconference centers and specialized training facilities.  Other Non-Manufacturing applications include scheduling of testing equipment and the scheduling of hospital operating rooms, considering multiple physician, nursing and equipment resources.

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